1. Who is behind FiscalFuture?

FiscalFuture is a registered non-profit association based in Berlin. FiscalFuture was founded in spring 2021 by politically interested young people. We are an independent and non-partisan initiative that advocates for science-based and future-oriented fiscal policy. The activities of FiscalFuture are carried out by volunteers and without financial compensation. By now, more than 60 young people are involved on a voluntary basis. 

  1. Who funds FiscalFuture?

  • FiscalFuture receives funding of €517,500 from Dezernat Zukunft e.V. as part of the European Macro Policy Network since May 2022. This enables the establishment and operation of an office with currently five employees in Berlin, who support the voluntary engagement in the participatory project. 

  • The association also received funding of €15,000 from the Franziska- und Otto-Bennemann-Stiftung.  

  • From June to October 2021, three activists from FiscalFuture were financially supported within the context of "Unmute Now", a programme to increase the political participation of young people organised by ProjectTogether gGmbH. The programme's funding benefited FiscalFuture as an overall initiative.

  • In October 2021, FiscalFuture was awarded the Engagement Award of the FES-Ehemaligen e.V., which was endowed with 2,500€.

  1. Does financial support from donors influence the work of FiscalFuture?

FiscalFuture is not influenced by external funding. Financial support has no effect on our positioning in terms of content or organisational structure. All decisions in this regard are made by FiscalFuture. All financial support that benefits FiscalFuture expands our possibilities to fulfil the initiative's purpose without limiting us in terms of content.

  1. How can I support FiscalFuture?

We welcome financial support in the form of monetary donations. Every donation contributes to the successful work of FiscalFuture. The amount of the donation is not important. As a non-profit organisation, FiscalFuture can issue donation receipts. Information on interesting funding programmes, tenders, etc. are also appreciated by FiscalFuture.



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