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We — FiscalFuture — are a group of young people from diverse backgrounds with a common interest in financial policy. We are independent and non-partisan, welcoming everybody who shares our mission of contributing to a more sustainable and intergenerationally just financial policy.

When discussing public debt, balanced budgets and fiscal rules, arguments often concern children’s and grandchildren’s alleged interest. Unfortunately, the debate tends to be dominated by myths and superficial understanding. Rarely, young people like us participate in the discussions ourselves.

We aim to contribute to a more fact-based debate by providing accessible overviews of academic insights. Thus, we hope to take part in developing financial policy that is truly just for all generations.

Contact persons

Carl Mühlbach

Carl Mühlbach


Hanna Merki

Hanna Merki


Tung Doan

Tung Doan


Lars Päsler

Lars Päsler


Frederike Arp

Frederike Arp

Social Media

Fabian Kraken

Fabian Kraken


Who we are

We are young people from all over Germany and sometimes beyond. Some of us study, others work. We are economists, doctors, political scientists and many more. Most of us are engaged in various organisations such as university faculties, NGOs, various political parties. We are all connected through our common interest for a sustainable financial policy.

We meet every four to six weeks together to discuss fundamental questions. Additionally, we work in smaller teams in which we research and prepare content. The academic team for example wrote the texts about public debt and public investment. The social media team is in charge of our Instagram and Twitter channels.

Do you want to join us? Then send us a message and you will be a part of our next meeting – the contact form is at the bottom of the webpage.

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Frederike Arp

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