Young people
for a
sustainable fiscal policy

When discussing whether to increase public debt in order to deal with the effects of the Covid-pandemic, arguments are often made on behalf of children’s and grandchildren’s alleged interest. Indeed, our interests as young people are concerned, but we can and want to speak up for them ourselves. On this website, we do so – in accessible, evidence-based language, and based on the principles of sustainability and intergenerational justice.

Our topics

It is clear: Sustainable financial policy has to listen to the scientific findings of academia. This is the reason why we summarized the latest research in short und informative texts.

Government Debt

What scientific research says about public debt

Public Investment

Summary of the most important aspects of public investment in Germany

Key numbers


Debt ratio¹


Interest-tax ratio¹

Excessive need of public investment until 2030²

Income from interest due to new federal debt in 2020³

Public Debt

Is public debt problematic? We read over 50 academic papers to find out and broke it down below to the most important points. The following texts are part of this series.
Does public debt inhibit growth?
Does debt lead to inflation?
Distributional effects of public debt
Positive economic functions
Public debt and savings
Sustainability of public debt

Public Investment

Everyone agrees: the government needs to invest in the future. But how? Where has it been failing so far? What do we need to approve? The following texts give an overview of public spending.
Does Germany need more public investment?
How does public spending affect private investment?
What factors inhibit and limit public investment?
What measures facilitate public investment?

Fiscal policy

A heated debate on the European fiscal rules is on the rise. To support a sustainable fiscal policy on a European level, we will actively participate in this debate.

Why the European fiscal rules must be reformed.


Do you want to join us? Do you have questions or comments? We are looking forward to hearing from you!